Victoria Ginty Vocals/Mandolin/Fiddle

Lead and Harmony Vocals /mandolin/fiddle/guitar

Victoria has performed with several bands throughout Florida and including Blue Angel which performed across the Country.  Additionally, Victoria has recorded numerous Projects and Music videos for two labels.  She was last signed by BMG Critique Records as a Country Artist , recorded, traveled the Country extensively and was played world wide as Victoria Hawkes, with a number one single in the late 90’s.   Fate and family grounded the Country music career just as it was beginning.  Things seemed to point  to continuing her music in a less demanding nature so Victoria then returned to complete the Blue Angel CD.  She co-produced this project and with a small amount of promotion it led to opportunity and much enjoyment playing Festivals and venues  for a number of years to come from Florida to New England and West as far as Montana.

After an absence from performing this style of music with a band for several years, Victoria has found musical companionship long awaited by joining in on a number of appearances with the Manatee River band.

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