Bruce Hill Banjo/Vocals

Bruce started playing banjo in the mid 70′s with a band in Virginia called Bluegrass Construction Company. He moved to Greensboro, NC in 1980 and began playing with Southern Comfort. They made an album in 1984 and he stayed with them for 5 years. He did not play much from 1985 to 1995 but then late in 1995 he got back into the music and began attending music camps, seminars, IBMA, Nashcamp, etc. In 2001 Bruce joined with Never Too Late in Oak Ridge, NC. They completed an hour television show for public TV and two CDs. He left Never Too Late in December of 2002 and retired to Florida. He currently plays a 1931 Gibson Granada, a 1935 Gibson TB 3 and a Stelling Golden Cross. He sings lead, baritone and tenor parts. Here in Florida, he has been playing with the Manatee River Bluegrass Band and a gospel group called Simple Faith, both located in Bradenton.

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