John Moody Guitar/Vocals

John Moody – Guitar

In 1976 John formed the Wooden Nickel Band with an old high school friend to perform with the Polk County Bicentennial Touring Medicine Show. The group played county fairs and bicentennial events across the State of Florida, as well as a Festival in Perry Florida with the Bluegrass legend, Bill Monroe. After the group disbanded, John joined Bluegrass Southern Style as a vocalist and guitarist. The band performed at many Bluegrass Festivals in Florida and won an audition for a USO Tour in Germany in 1980. The group recorded the album Rosewater Mountain of which the title cut was written by Moody. After completing graduate school at UVA with a degree in Landscape Architecture, John returned to Bradenton and established a business and a folk and acoustic group called “From the Heart”. The band, which included current mandolinist Greg Turner, enjoyed local success performing local restaurants and community events. John plays a Collings D-1 rosewood guitar.

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  1. Tom Merrell says:

    I’ve seen this guy play. He’s pretty good!

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